IBM 5161

From: Witchy <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:23:33 2003

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> Witchy wrote:
> > A surprise consignment arrived for me this morning - an IBM
> 5150 in not bad
> > condition complete with keyboard/monitor
> That's the original IBM PC, yes? What video card do you have?

Original one right down to the cassette port and built-in Microsloth
BASIC-80, but it's the later 256K board not the 64K one in the first
version. It's also got a genuine Intel 8088, which is apparently surprising
since most later models used AMD chips. The video card is the colour model
with both CGA (or is it MDA?) and composite out.

Had it in bits yesterday and it's got 512K RAM too - 256K on the board and
256K on a memory expansion card.

> > and a 5161 expansion box, spare
> > expansion card and 2 extender cables.....
> Very nice!

I thought the kitchen was gonna take off when I powered it up yesterday :)
The previous owner was kind enough to leave the Zork trilogy on there, as
well as KA9Q!

> Well, I have one, but then I'm probably not very typical! I never
> saw one when I did PC and DOS programming back in the 1980s. One
> or two clones with external hard disks, but no IBM expansion chassis.

Probably too expensive! I haven't found any sites yet that actually mention
prices for these things, the machine yes, but not the expander.
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