IBM 5161

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:39:00 2003

> > That's the original IBM PC, yes? What video card do you have?
> Original one right down to the cassette port and built-in Microsloth
> BASIC-80, but it's the later 256K board not the 64K one in the first

Actually, all genuine PCs, PC/XTs, PortablePCs, PC/ATs and PCjrs have the

> version. It's also got a genuine Intel 8088, which is apparently surprising
> since most later models used AMD chips. The video card is the colour model
> with both CGA (or is it MDA?) and composite out.

That's the CGA card (colour graphics adapter). The MDA is a mono
text-only card, and has DE9 (video) and DB25 (printer) connectors on the

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