New Finds & question

From: Ed <>
Date: Sat Apr 5 12:38:00 2003

John Allain wrote:
> > This morning I picked up some Dec stuff :
> Great haul!
> > ...which forks into 4 D25 connectors.
> This sounds like a possible updating of the QBus board
> CXY08 / M3119 and the cable BC19N which is in fact a
> 4x2 line Asynchronous Multiplexor. If you see model
> numbers like these printed on anything that would help to
> confirm it. FYI
> John A.

Well, it turned out to be a DHW42-CA option according to the guide
I was able to put my hands on. The machine has two of these so I
should be able to hook up 8 additional terminals.

I also managed to get it booting and logging into it, turns out it
belonged to a VAX cluster as several messages are passed along the

First order of business was to become system and modify the auhorisations
so I could use a more easy to remember password.
Authorize did do the trick of course, but boy, it has been a long time
I used vms, must have been at least 10 years ago.

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