HP9885 8" floppy unit

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Date: Sat Apr 5 11:00:43 2003

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>Hello, Robert:
>> Unless an optional board is installed, the wide Centronics-like connector
>> SCSI. It's pretty easy to tell if it's in there, it lives on a set of
>> standoffs right behind the connector, and the ribbon cable moves from the
>> mail board to it.
>Mmm.. yes, below the connector appears a legend "SCSI-HP IB".
>My doubts come from this.
>> BTW, a 380 can be upgraded to a 385 (33 MHz) with a osc change (socketed!)
>> and a jumper moved. The '040 in mine has no trouble running at 33MHz, and
>> just picked up 16MB of RAM for it (Thanks, Jim!).
>Is good to know it :-)
>But, being practical, I approach to ask you about another two matters:
>* What model of graphic screen can I use with the 380 ?

   There are a whole range of video/graphics options for the 300 series. Also on a lot of them you can also use a terminal connected to the serial port. One word of caution, you need the correct monitor to work with the card that you have. It's gets tricky trying to find both a monitor and video card that work together. I'm currently using an ADC super VGA monitor that has both the VGA port and BNC ports. IIRC it works with both the 98543 and 98547 video cards. I have a whole slew of HP viedo cards and monitors around but I'm trying to get away from having to have a special monitor for each computer.

I should like to
>about one (or more) model with all its identificacion data to search it in
>or some reseller.
>* What model of serial terminal or screen can I use with the 380 to plug
>the RS-232 port of this computer ? Same than previous.
>(Of course I accept all reasonable offer from somebody in Europe. This
>one GPIO board)

    I'm confused, are you looking for a GPIO card or are you selling one? I can send you one if you need it. But it fits the DIO slot as used on the 9000 200 series and some of the 300 series. You're 380 has DIO-II slots which are wider. It MAY have the adapter that converts the DIO-II to DIO slots but that's something that you need to check on.

   Besides the difference in width, the two cards use different connectors. The 200 series cards have card edge connectors and the DIO-II cards have VME type connector. I think some people also call these Euro connectors.

>Thanks and Greetings
>Best Regards
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