New to list - with a DG/UX question

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Apr 6 13:06:00 2003

> Hi All
> I am new to the list joining you from New Zealand.

Welcome !

> I have been interested in computers for a long time and I'm always
> picking stuff up at thrift shops and junk shops (much to the annoyance
> of my wife) so I thought I ought to learn a little more about what I

I think many of us have a problem with wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/
parents who don't understand our love of these fine machines, and wonder
why they keep on falling over bits of ancient computer :-).

> have. My collection, so far, is rather unstructured and not catalogued
> in any way (I am in the process of rectifying this).
> My first question to the list may not even qualify for the 10 year age
> regulation (but I hope it does on the interest factor). I have recently

AFAIK the 10 year rule has never been strictly enforced here, and is
really there to stop this list degenerating into another Wintel Problems
List. Interesting computers, even if not quite 10 years old, are OK :-)
And this machine certainly sounds interesting!

Alas I can't help you with it -- my only DG machine is an old Nova 1210
that I litereally pulled from a scrap pile. Alas somebody had got there
before me and raided the switches/lights board (I guess for the switches
-- the front panel bezel, etc, was still there). But I did get the CPU
board, core memory, PSU, rack, and a couple of custom I/O boards.

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