New to list - with a DG/UX question

From: Alan Greenstreet <>
Date: Sat Apr 5 23:00:01 2003

Hi All

I am new to the list joining you from New Zealand.

I have been interested in computers for a long time and I'm always
picking stuff up at thrift shops and junk shops (much to the annoyance
of my wife) so I thought I ought to learn a little more about what I
have. My collection, so far, is rather unstructured and not catalogued
in any way (I am in the process of rectifying this).

My first question to the list may not even qualify for the 10 year age
regulation (but I hope it does on the interest factor). I have recently
acquired a Data General Aviion 8500 server (quad processor) and a
Clariion 2200 (20 disk array). Both units are in great condition coming
from a local Health Authority ;0)

The Aviion came without any OS or media - my searches have lead to the
conclusion that this unit will only run DG/UX and nothing else.

Well... a copy of DG/UX 4.0 arrived in the post yesterday and I have
been trying to get things moving ever since.
Does anyone on the list know if I can boot the OS from CD. My CD drive
is recognised (ID3) but I get nowhere.

Would copying the CD to tape be a better option?

Any thoughts, ideas, help or sarcastic comments will be received.

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