For sale/give away

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Sun Apr 6 23:15:01 2003

I've been working on spring cleaning for about 6 months now and have a few
possessions to part with. Best offer takes it. Best offer includes free.
Best shipping method would be you pick it up in Castro Valley, CA.

Here's the first list.... All items were functioning at last test unless noted.

Apple Duodisk Drive (functional status unknown)

Epson QX-10 complete system with monitor, printer, assorted software and
a few manuals.

Pacific Rim PS/2 external 1.2MB 5.25" FDD

Exabyte Streaming Tape Backup (QIC-20?) subsystem with ISA controller and

Epson FX-85 dot matrix printer.

Mouse Systems Pagebrush/256 Hand Scanner

Brother Image Center Sheet Feed Scanner (Parallel Interface) w/ Drivers

HP Deskwriter C with Appletalk interface

HP Scanjet flatbed scanner (Parallel interface)

HP 88396 SCSI/Parallel interface.

4 port parallel auto data switch

two no-name XT clones with HDD, FDD.

Dell Latitude CPi (nonfunctional, zero-K ram, no HDD) with power supply,

Ziva DS DVD decoder card, functional at last test.

Turtle Beach Montego A3D PCI audio card, condition unknown.

ATX Case with 450 MHz Slot I (PII,PIII) Dell motherboard and power supply, no
        CPU or RAM

3COM Etherlink III PCMCIA 33.6kbps Modem+Ethernet controller.
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