Computers in/from N.Z. (was Re: New to list - with a DG/UX question)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Apr 6 23:17:00 2003

--- Alan Greenstreet <> wrote:
> On Sunday, Apr 6, 2003, at 17:07 Pacific/Auckland, Ethan Dicks wrote:
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> > Cool. What part? I lived in Christchurch for a few months at a time
> > a few years back (1996, 1997)...
> >
> I'm in Christchurch and have been here for 9 months...

Well great! I loved Chch. I stayed there between stints on the Ice
and coming home.

> Apart from the DG Aviion...some SparcStations...the odd Apple, an Epson
> Equity LT-286e laptop... an Atari PC3 yesterday (that looks like it fell
> down the stairs!)

Not bad for just having moved. My Amiga 4000 comes from Chch. I
replied to an ad in whatever they call the newspaper for swapping
stuff (the local one here is called "The Trading Times") - you know,
the thing that was here long before eBay, printed on genuine dead
trees?!? It came with a 1403(?) monitor that I sold to a mate before
I left; I just shipped home the CPU. Even with shipping home, I
still got a good deal on the lot. The downside was that a) it had
a cheap-ass C= PSU that was *not* 220V/110V selectable, and b) it
had the low-end 68EC030 board.

When I got home, I replaced the 68EC030 with a full 68030 (same board;
just swapped the chip) and it ran that way for a while (I needed the
MMU for Enforcer, et al.), until I found a $100 A3640 68040 board
that's in there now.

Oh... the PSU I swapped out for a PeeCee one (the guts anyway). If
anyone on the list needs an Amiga 4000 220V PSU board, please let me
know. I migrated the main power harness, but left the disk drive wires
attached. It would only be useful to someone in a 220V/50Hz country
who has a dead A4000 PSU they need a board for. You'd have to steal
the motherboard lead from the dead one. I'm willing to let it go for
1.2 X shipping to list members.

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