H89 CP/M hard-secored boot diskette

From: Patrick Rigney <patrick_at_evocative.com>
Date: Mon Apr 7 12:50:00 2003

> Hi All
> Well, I dug out my H89. I turned it on, POP, turned it
> off. Smoke comes from the one side.
> Well, it looked like one of the 2.2 uf tantalums decided

Oh yeah... that's fully the behavior of the "popcorn" machine I referred to

> Years ago, I'd place a second drive in the machine by
> installing two half height drives. The boot drive it
> behind the other drive so I can't see what the difficulty
> is with the other disk.

I just bought a handful of half-height drives and was about to launch into
this myself. Did you feel a need to upgrade anything in the power supply
before doing this, or is it up to running both motors simultaneously if/when
that occurs?

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