From: Tim Shoppa <>
Date: Mon Apr 7 19:01:00 2003

BG Micro ( ) had these chips as recently as a year
or two ago, but alas I do not see them on their website anymore.

(They do however have the once-ubiquitous LM3909!)

They've got some other neat stuff, like the 5x7 LED arrays that HP
used in their desktop calculator machinery.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but most any sound synthesis that
would've been done in a SN76477N or two 20 years ago (along with a
pocketfull of R's and C's) can be done today with a $1 8-pin PIC...
All that said, I have one SN76477N (along with the two acres of datasheet
that came with it from Radio Shack) and no it's not for sale :-)

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