New to list - with a DG/UX question

From: Alan Greenstreet <>
Date: Mon Apr 7 19:19:00 2003

On Tuesday, Apr 8, 2003, at 09:59 Pacific/Auckland, r. 'bear' stricklin

> If it's an m88k machine, your conclusion is accurate. Folks have been
> working on porting NetBSD to the AViiON family, but I doubt it's far
> enough along to be anything but frustrating at this point.

Yes it is an m88k machine and I have tried the ports of NetBSD and
OpenBSD both of which have developmental ports (mainly for the mvme88k
boards). From what I've been told the Aviion has a completely separate
I/O subsystem for which there is little info available (to quote the
developer of the current port) - Lucky Me! :0)

> Yes, you can boot the OS from CD. It would be helpful to know what
> you've
> tried, and what error messages the system is generating.

I have found an archive of DG manuals for the Aviion

and from here found some info on booting from CD. The system is
recognising the CD drive and it spins up without any problems (I know
it works as I have used it on my Sun systems).
Typing "boot sd(ncsc(0,7),3,0)" should boot the install programme. I
get the very unhelpful "unable to boot file sd(ncsc(0,7),3,0)" error
message. There is no mention of this error message in the docs so far.
> If 4.0 came before 5.4, it may be too old for the 8500, but I'm not
> sure
> that either is the case. It's on CD so it can't be THAT old.

Mmm... this is where I come unstuck... I have been searching for a copy
of DG/UX for about 3 months, contacting many companies and seeing
nothing on ebay (and local auctions). I eventually found a guy in
Holland who listed it in his computer/software collection... he very
kindly sent me a copy... I have no other information.
> I've only played with stuff in the 5.4R3 era. It's possible that "DG/UX
> 4.0" is a marketing designation for what would've been 5.4R4, a la the
> situation with SunOS 5.7 and Solaris 7.
> Another possibility is that the CD you have only contains support for
> IA32
> AViiON systems.

Again, this is a possibility. I have tried to read the CD using both
Windows and Mac machines and neither recognise any contents so I can't
glean any info from the CD itself. (I have written back to the guy who
sent it to try and find out a little more).
>> Would copying the CD to tape be a better option?
> No.

Didn't think so... ;0)
> ok
> bear
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