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I took Doug's advice and called Tom Fischer who took over IMSAI's
operations when they went bankrupt.

The number of IMSAI's produced is as follows:

"According to a July 2002 e-mail from the IMSAI 8080 creator Joe Killian,
"I remember passing the 17,000 mark. I believe it never went past 20,000"
[between December of 1975 and September 1979]. Fischer-Freitas Company
produced another 2100+ machines between November 1979 and June 1986.
These machines can be identified by the Fischer-Freitas Company back panel

This is right on the front page of More detailed information
can be found here:

These numbers are not broken down by front panel vs. turnkey system, so
it's still not readily known what the split was in terms of those counts.

IMSAI also sold a number of other machines. Here's a nice summary (still
being edited by Tom so some inaccuracies exist):

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