Closet sale - some stuff to go.

From: Robert Borsuk <>
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:27:00 2003

Hey all,
        I'm cleaning out some closets around the house and I have the
following available. Everything is at best offer and must go. Wife is
nagging about the house. Here's the stuff (Some classic - some not so

SGI - Onyx boards
IO4 (030-0646-105) - w/ vcam also SCSI differential, IOADAPT, and SCSI
Power board - (030-0263-004)
MC3 memory board (030-0613-006) with 8 sticks of memory.
Two - drive trays with Seagate ST15230WD drives on them

Cubix ERS-II System (Take all or parts)(Great info is on the Cubix web
Chassis with power supply and covers.
Single Board 486 - BC4035A
Single Board Pentium - BC5133

Paypal is proudly accepted. If your in Michigan you can pick up (or I
can ship). This is the newer stuff. I have some classic stuff that will
come out the more I clean. Please respond to me off list.
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