TRS-80 Madness

From: Mike <>
Date: Wed Apr 9 21:00:00 2003

Model 3,4, II, and 16s have been seeing good action there lately. But, I'm
suprised too, and needfully thankful.... .Alot of those funds are going to
the support that computer's brethern and their curator through dark times.
It was my nicest Model 4 (with the 128k) by the way, and Joe, I think that
was a 4p from off you then. (I prefer them to the bigger 4's anyway)

I did start the bidding out at $25 and when I saw it blast off, I tried to
sweeten the deal and will probably throw in some bonusii too

- Mike:

From: Joe <>

> Hey the seller is our very own Mike (Dog Ass) Haas! I think that's the
model 4 that I gave him at the last junk-fest we had down here. I'm SURE
that he's pleased with the price.
> Joe
> At 06:19 PM 4/9/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >To me it looks like just another TRS-80 model 4, with some common
> >software. Which, to me, means that it's worth quite a bit less than
> >what it's going for:
> >
> >
> >(For those non-web-inclined, it's at $510 with 3.7 hrs left)
> >
> >Is this just a fluke, or have these things gone up a lot in value since I
> >last looked at them? My guess, is of course, 'just eBay prices,' but
> >on eBay, I rarely see pricing *that far* off what I'd expect.
> >
> >Pat
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