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From: Ed <quapla_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Thu Apr 10 13:47:00 2003


I did find the jumper, it's on the left if you look to the board in it's
upright position.

Using XXDP is no problem, I can run it on my 11/83.

These two drives were used on former Norsk Data computers and one of the
two drives is still in it's original packaging.


Ethan Dicks wrote:
> --- Ed <quapla_at_xs4all.nl> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have picked up 2 micropolis disks, type 1325. Question is, are they
> > ESDI or ST-506 type of disks? The card edge connectors are identical.
> ST-506/ST412, not ESDI. The ESDI drive that looks like these is a
> model 1355, IIRC. I've seen the ESDI drives in old outboard Sun
> boxes.
> The 1325 can be converted to DEC use (as a 73MB RD53) by adding
> the infamous 0 ohm jumper at R7, then low-level formatting on
> a MicroVAX 2000 (using the ROM diagnostic formatter) or a Qbus
> MicroVAX with an RQDX3 and the Diagnostic tape formatter, or
> even a Qbus PDP-11 w/RQDX3 and XXDP. It large enough to run
> VMS 5.0 (barely) or 2.11BSD (barely) or 2.9BSD (with some room to
> spare). RT-11 is a possibility, too (v5.4 and up?), but you'd have to
> partition the drive into multiple "devices".
> To get to the jumper, loosen the two flat-head screws at one end of the
> circuit board on the bottom of the drive, tip it up (it's on a pivot),
> and look for R7 on the silkscreen, somewhat near the middle of the
> board. Solder in a jumper wire, reassemble and install! If these drives
> came out of a PeeCee, check the unit jumpers before putting them to
> use in a DEC machine.
> To forestall any "warnings", you will probably find that these
> drives do not have the best longevity. Many of them have lots
> of hours accumulated already. They probably won't stand up to
> heavy use. The bearings seem to go in the ones that I've had
> fail. I don't think I've ever had a head crash.
> -ethan

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