DEC 7000 available in exchange for help with big stuff from Boston

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Thu Apr 10 15:06:01 2003

David Woyciesjes wrote:
> Hmmm... where are you located, and what kind of truck
> would be needed?

I am in Indianapolis. A 15 ft truck would be enough, because it's
at the most 18 ft rack space which divides nicely in 9 ft on either
side. To load and unload, a lift gate is convenient. The VAXen's UNIBUS
cabinets are already detached, so -- I believe -- one main cab goes
sideways on the lift-gate. Lift-gate isn't absolutely necessary for I
would assume that the place in Boston has a proper loading dock and
we can get help from a wrecker (flatbed) at my place to unload. It's
a bit scary, but it works. If I only had the time, I could do it with
just one more person helping to. Loading in Boston will be fine, since
the guy
who has this now will be able to help somehow (and I'm sure they have
a convenient loading dock so you just push the thing in.)

For the DEC 7000 in return, the same kind of truck would suffice :-).
If the wether is nice, a certain size open hanger could actually be
enough if all is strapped on well.

thanks for the consideration. BTW: if the DEC 7000 is not incentive
alone, I also have another VAX 6420 to give away with it.


David Woyciesjes wrote:
> Gunther Schadow wrote:
>>I set a reward of a nice DEC 7000 with 4 CPUs (AXP) and 1.5 GB RAM
>>and SCSI for the one who would come with a truck and get it and ---
>>here is the catch --- bring me my VAX 11/785 (plus more) gear from
>>Boston. I was going to sell the 7000 on ebay to make money to
>>afford the move, but now I figure that a trade in this way would
>>be the more conservative thing to do.
>>Anybody interested?
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