New HP find

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Apr 11 13:23:00 2003

> Today I got HP 41C the following items; ac adapter, 5- extra battery packs
> model 82120A, Brown carrying case, HP Card Reader model 82104A, a model
> 82143A printer with an ac adapter for it. Got it all for only $7.

You do realise that this is a _very_ nice calculator (I am still using a
lot of 41 stuff here, CVs (a C with 5 times as much user memory), CXs (a
CV with built-in extended functions ROM, extended memory, real time
clock, and a bit more), and various plug-in modules.

The problem with the C is the limited memory. You really want to add a
Quad Memory Module to bring it up to the CV specification. Apart from
that, the card reader and printer mean you have a nice system.

Be warned the 41 series are adictive. You start playing with them. Then
you want an HPIL module and all the peripherals (digital cassette drive,
disk drive (!), Thinkhet printer, Plotter, DMM, etc). Then you start
doing things HP didn't intend, like synthetic programming (which is
creating 'illegal' instructions in user programs). When you lose interest
in that, you want an MLDL box (a special RAM unit which emulates a ROM
module) so that you can program the darn thing in machine code. This
happened to me...

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