New HP find

From: Keys <>
Date: Fri Apr 11 19:12:00 2003

Thanks for the tips and information. I got 82169A HPIL/HPIB interface a
while back with another calculator.
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> > Today I got HP 41C the following items; ac adapter, 5- extra battery
> > model 82120A, Brown carrying case, HP Card Reader model 82104A, a model
> > 82143A printer with an ac adapter for it. Got it all for only $7.
> You do realise that this is a _very_ nice calculator (I am still using a
> lot of 41 stuff here, CVs (a C with 5 times as much user memory), CXs (a
> CV with built-in extended functions ROM, extended memory, real time
> clock, and a bit more), and various plug-in modules.
> The problem with the C is the limited memory. You really want to add a
> Quad Memory Module to bring it up to the CV specification. Apart from
> that, the card reader and printer mean you have a nice system.
> Be warned the 41 series are adictive. You start playing with them. Then
> you want an HPIL module and all the peripherals (digital cassette drive,
> disk drive (!), Thinkhet printer, Plotter, DMM, etc). Then you start
> doing things HP didn't intend, like synthetic programming (which is
> creating 'illegal' instructions in user programs). When you lose interest
> in that, you want an MLDL box (a special RAM unit which emulates a ROM
> module) so that you can program the darn thing in machine code. This
> happened to me...
> -tony
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