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From: SPC <>
Date: Sat Apr 12 14:59:01 2003

> And I thought the economy was in the toilet. Maybe all the money that
> normally flows into the stock market is going into collectables?
> TRS-80s are also fetching crazy prices.

Not so far of reality in Spain just now, Chandra. Interest Rates are more
down here
(in all Europe really) than ever in the past. You can get mortgages for
%2,90 when
sixteen years ago, when I began to work, it was in %15. In the other side,
bank accounts
paid over %12 in these far dates. Now you must pay for your account :-) The
searched the Stocks Market here during last six years, but last two were
very bad for the
investors. No alternatives in appeareance. What's happening with the money ?
Three ways: underground economy; an absolutely ahead (and crazy) buying of
all kind
of residential homes, garages, and bussines places(that is being the cause
of a growing
of the prices in last six years in the %60 !); and investments in
collectables. I know it
because I get all the weeks a couple of economic newspapers and I saw the
of its recomendations in investments during last year.

I have the impression that something so is happening in other places in
Europe but not
exactly like here. Oh, and here the computers are not exactly (with
exception of the
UK perhaps) a general matter of collecting.

Thanks and greetings
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