New HP find

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Apr 12 15:28:00 2003

> At 07:09 PM 4/11/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >Thanks for the tips and information. I got 82169A HPIL/HPIB interface a
> >while back with another calculator.
> I just found another of those too. They're pretty dammed cool! With
> it you can use the (relatively) common HP-IB disk drives and other
> devices on your HP 41 or 71. Or you can run your IL stuff like a 3468

Can you? I don't doubt the hardware side will work, but AFAIK the
standard firmware for the HPIL module on the HP41 or HP71 will _not_
recognise an HPIB disk drive on the other side of an 82169. Or at least
I've never met anyone who has got it to work.

It _does_ work on the Portable+, provided the 82169 is a sufficiently
late one (I can check the necessary serial number).

> Multimeter from a HP-IB controller such as a 9825. LOTS of possiblilities!

Oh, sure the 82169 is a useful unit (I think I have 3 of them now), but
not for using HPIB drives on HP41s.

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