dec 5000 questions

From: Fred deBros <>
Date: Sun Apr 13 11:46:47 2003

For lord isildur maybe

This is a hardware question:

Whats the difference between a decstation 5000 and a decsystem 5000? The
latter apparently has no graphics capability.

On some of my decstation 5000/200 and /240, I have the add on
turbo-graphics board -D and -F . these output to the screen with the
3-pin to 3-bnc cable like in the vlc4000. There is also a 3-pin to
single bnc cable apparently for grayscale biz.
But the cable that connects mouse and kbd via a db15 connector to my
decstation also terminates with a single bnc connector.
Is this another grayscale output (or b/w only) of the decstation?
So why no signal there? Do I have to pull the graphics board to get
console output via that db15 plug like in the Vaxstation 3100, where a
spx graphics board will exclude the b/w output from the db15 plug?
So you cant have it both ways, composite graphics and b/w terminal style
simultaneously? Only either or?

Thanks for help!

Next Q will be howto start in single user mode in order to get new root

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