Mac Classic

From: Robert Borsuk <>
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:30:01 2003

Reboot while holding down shift to turn off extensions.


On Sunday, April 13, 2003, at 08:50 PM, Geoff Roberts wrote:

> Have a mac classic that I gave to one of the local kids a few months
> back. Apparently a visiting friend was fiddling with it and
> has somehow gotten it into magnify mode. IIRC, it's system
> 7.something. Can't figure out how to turn it off. It's on maximum
> magnfiy apparently, can only see a very tiny part of anything, even a
> single word takes more than the entire screen which makes it
> real hard to use the GUI.
> Is there a keyboard shortcut that will turn the $%^& thing off??
> Cheers
> Geoff in OZ
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