MicroDaSys and Solid State Music info rqst

From: J Forbes <jforbes2_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Mon Apr 14 12:55:02 2003

Hi again...been awhile!

I got hold of the remains of a computer my dad built (with the help of
us kids, college age at the time) about 1980 or so. It's a 6809 S-100
bus system, with a microdasys MDA-6809A processor board, and a Solid
State Music VB1B video interface board. It also uses a Jameco JE610
ASCII keyboard.

The computer was stored in a shed where rats got in, and chewed away all
the wires connecing the cpu board to the case keyboard connector. So, I
need to figure out how to wire it back up. I also need to build a power
  supply, although I might be able to use a bench supply I borrowed from
my brother...but it only provides 2 amps per side (dual supply, 0-30vdc).

Any scans of microdasys or SSM data shemetatics would be incredibly
helpful...but if you have links to sites with S-100 bus info, that would
also be a help.

I'm on digest mode, so expect delays...

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