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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:15:01 2003

> From: Doc Shipley <>
> I find myself in the highly amusing position of
> siding with Sellam,
> sort of.
> I refuse to take seriously anything that is
> quoted out of context.
> You haven't posted his entire messages, nor the full
> text of your own side of the exchange.

As a matter of fact, I did. Those ARE his entire
messages in full.

They are NOT out of context.

Anyone who would like to read my replies may e-mail me
off list to get them. I will send them in full.

> You did mention in your previous post that you
> *had* used the term "Islamic Idiot", "although not
> referring to Sellam himself." Al, that
> was pretty dumb, at best, and malicious at worst.

So, you don't think that celebrating the death of
courageous Astronauts, and using their death to claim
that Allah was against the U.S. and punished it wasn't
"pretty dumb, at best, and malicious at worst."?

I stand by my comment.

I think people who are trying to make this a war
against Islam, rather than a war against Terrorists
ARE idiots.

And what's funny... It's the Radical Islamics
themselves who keep trying to drag all of Islam into
the fray.

I can only speak for me, but I have MANY, MANY friends
who are Islamic. And I enjoy the lives and work of
many other people who are followers of Islam. And I
would reject in the loudest terms that All of Islam is

> Especially considering that Sellam is well and
> widely known for trumping with the race card, and
> for being very sensitive concerning his heritage.

That's not my problem. I don't take offense when
people talk about Germans, or Italians or Irish. And
if you haven't missed it... Two of the three have been
major enemies of the U.S. in wars in the last century,
and the last one has been the cause of lots of
terrorism as well...

I don't take any of that personally, as being German,
Irish and Italian does not mean I am a Nazi, a
Fascist, or an IRA Terrorist.

If others can't seperate themselves from what other
people do, either they need some help.. Or feel
connected in feeings and desires.

I can't control either. But, I won't be stifled in my
opinions because someone else wants to coddle people
doing wrong because their feelings might be hurt.

Sorry. When someone does wrong, they deserve to
recieve the negative reaction from it. It's how
society shows it's displeasure at wrong actions.

> > I am posting this to the list so that members can
> > observe for themselves the behavior of one of it's
> > members...
> We all know how Sellam behaves on list, and many
> of us have been exposed to his behavior off list.
> I vote "not interested" There's enough crap here
> without dragging up more from outside.


I posted these messages because I want it to stop.

I want him to stop doing this, rather than having it

You say you know about it. How about doing something
about it, rather than letting others be attacked and
harrassed by him?

Because, I'm not willing to just ignore him and allow
him to attack others on the list in the future.

That's wrong.

If he does not receive strong admonishment and
feedback that his behaviour is unacceptable (and just
letting him go on and do it unchallenged tells him
it's ok....), why would he ever stop?

He dominates this list and uses it to support his
business. He receives a HUGE benefit from this list,
that I would not deny him.

In return for that, he needs to control himself and
treat members of this list with the respect he himself

> You know who the maintainer is, if you have a
> problem with someone's behavior on the list. You
> evidently know also how to contact Sellam's
> ISP. If you're being threatened, I suggest
> contacting your local LEA.

I do NOT know who the maintainer is. Can you give me
an E-Mail Address for them?

I simply sent copies of Sellam's Email and a complaint
to "Postmaster_at_hisdomain". For all I know, that is he
himself, and he got the complaint and is snickering
about it...

So, posting to this list was an attempt to get others
to cooperate in stopping his hate, without resorting
to the "LEA" (What is that?) or another Govermental

> But none of what you've posted here is useful here,
> and it comes off as simple character assassination.

I did nothing to assasinate his character. If
reposting his messages does that, that's his problem.
I don't post anything that I don't want to come back
to haunt me. I certainly don't post messages to people
off the list and curse at them, or call them nasty
names. OR, falsely accuse them of being racist... LOL!

> Doc

Thanks Doc!

I appreciate the time and thought that went into your

Al Hartman
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