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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:37:00 2003

> From: Joe <>
> Subject: Al, the idiot! was RE: Apple Lisa XL on
> eBay
> Al, what are you, some king of F***** idiot?
> That certainly didn't qualify as hate speech or
> "mean-spirited". As for backing it up, where have
> you been for the last year? Did you miss the news
> that Enron, Adelphi, World Com and a number of other
> companies have been looted and ruined by their own
> management? Not only did they wipe out their
> companies but they also wiped out the life savings
> and retirements of tens of thousands of their
> company employees and millions of stock holders.

What does that have to do with George Bush?

> That's just one example of the lack of
> administration that I was referring to.

Certainly. But of the Clinton Administration, where
all this happened during... Not the current

> The gouging of the american consumers by the oil
> companies is another. Gas prices have nearly
> doubled in the past six months or have you been
> living in a cave somewhere and not noticed?

I have NOT been living in a cave, and again...

How is that the fault of the Bush Administration?

If you haven't noticed, his actions have caused the
oil prices to start to go back down. Oil prices ALWAYS
peak in Winter, and threats of war in the Middle East
ALWAYS cause Oil prices to go up, whether the Oil
supply is threatened or not.

To suggest that Bush leave Saddam to continue to
develop WMD's, build up a military to attack his
neighbors, and to murder and torture his own citizens
is selfish in the extreme.

It's a price we have to pay to secure the future
safety of the U.S., and the region.

> In both cases the perpetraitors are major
> supporters (read $$$$) of the Bush administartion.

AND the major supporters (read $$$$) of the Clinton
Administration AND ALL political parties...

Any smart major corporations funds BOTH parties...

> Don't get me wrong, I'm a registered Republican,
> but I won't stand by and say nothing while the Bush
> administration stands idlely by and l!

Great to hear that. But, because it's taking longer
than you or I would like, doesn't mean they are
standing Idlely by...

> ets their big dollar supporters rob the american
> public. Why don't you ask the members of this list
> how many of them have lost their jobs entirely or
> have had to take jobs far below their capabilities
> because of the lousy economy and stock market?

I have myself. And I lost my good job not because of
Action of the Bush Administration (that has only been
in office about 28 months...

But due to the actions over 8 years of the previous

To expect the current administration to reverse 8
years (actually 12 years, since Bush 41 made some bad
moves as well in regards to taxes and our economy) in
28 months is impatient.

Especially considering that 9/11 caused TRILLIONS in
damage to this economy. The fact that it is as strong
as it still is, and rebounding is a testament to his
good leadership.

We could be a LOT worse off. I still remember the
Carter days....

And this ain't those.

Anyone who is slamming this administration for the
economy or it's leadership has a very short memory.

Our economy has been A LOT worse off in recent memory,
and isn't so bad now. And is getting better by the

The President just made a speech, that should kick the
market up a few more points today.

I just read an article on the CBS website that says
that MOST Americans believe that Bush is doing a good
job and the economy today is better than a year ago.

That's why I called your post nasty and mean-spirited.
Because it goes counter to the data in the world. The
data that the economy is improving, and that people
say Bush is doing a GREAT job as President.

> If you wanted to hear about classic computers then
> why did you even reply to this message, why didn't
> you just ignore it and go on? No one else felt it
> necessary to jump in and grossly exaggerate what I
> said.

They believe in letting stuff pass, or agree with YOUR
Gross Exaggeration. It was your message that was the
gross exaggeration. Not mine. Sorry.

Go pick up any newspaper today, or listen to the news
tonight. I don't think you'll find much agreement with
your post in them.

> Not only did you feel it necessary to mouth
> off on the CC-Talk list but you also posted your
> batherings to the CC-Tech list!

I am not subscribed to the CC-Tech list. If it went
there, it was purely by accident.

> As a matter of fact, I don't remember ever seeing a
> message from you that was about computers.

You haven't been looking then.

> But you're always eager to but in and shot off your
> mouth when someone expresses their opinion!

Yes, if I disagree with it...

> In the mean time, your village is looking for
> you!

I assume by this you intend to say I am liberal?

Because that is FAR, FAR from the truth.

> Joe
> PS you don't need to bother to reply, you've
> just been added to my permanent kill-file.
> <end of rant!>

Typical. If you took the time to talk to me, rather
than making the harsh assumptions you make in the last
few paragraphs of your post. You'd find we agree on a
lot of things (except your post), and you might even
like me (most people do who take the time to get to
know me..).

I've posted quite a bit in the last few months on
computers. But, I'm out of my depth with the major
iron that people talk about here.

Ask me anything about HP Laserjet II/III, TRS-80's,
Coco's (I worked for Spectrum Projects and wrote for
Rainbow Magazine), Timex/Sinclairs (I wrote the front
end for a lot of Zebra's Products and the manuals),
and Mac Emulation...

And while I used an Imsai 8080 (with a Z-80 CPU Card)
for several years to run a small mail-order business
in the mid-80's. I know little about it, as I only
used it. I didn't assemble it or maintain it.

I can say, it was a nice machine and did everything we
asked of it well. I wonder what Stewart did with it?

That was at Zebra Systems, Inc. where we made add-ons
for the Timex/Sinclair Computers, Tandy Color
Computer, Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST computers.

Stewart also used to make something called the "Music
Box" and "Rhythym Box" for S-100 Systems and the
TRS-80 Computers. It was the fore-runner of the
Orchestra-80, which Stewart always claimed was a
cheaper knock-off of the much nicer Music Box.

A minor mod of the Music Box software or Orch-80
Software made them run on the other hardware. I think
just a change in which port one addressed with the
music data was all...

Al Hartman
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