Kenbak-1 in the first Computer Museum of Nova Scotia

From: The Design Fort DTP <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 12:42:00 2003

Hi all,

I found myself a "holy grail" :) I was lucky and acquired a Kenbak-1
computer from 1971. The computer is in really good condition considering the
age. With the computer came the original "student laboratory manual". It was
published by C.T.I (Consulting Technologies, Inc). They were the sales agent
for the Kenbak-1 back then.
I just got the Kenbak today so naturally I'm very excited about it. I will
take pictures and publish them on my website soon.

Is there anybody on this list who owns a Kenbak-1? I would love some
information exchange.

The First Computer Museum of Nova Scotia
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