Amiga 2000 "Video Toaster Powered"

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 13:11:00 2003

--- Gary Dean Hildebrand <> wrote:
> >> These are probably TBC's needed for two tape inputs for the Toaster.
> >> They only got DC power from the ISA buss.
> >
> > Ah. I kind of thought that. It's an AT card-edge, which would be
> > incredibly slow graphics. Not necessarily. Most PC gfx cards only
> > shuffle control data, not the actual digital vidio on the ISA buss.

Plus, without something like a GG2 Bus+ or an A2088/A2286 BridgeCard, the
AT bus in the Amiga is inert. The slots are wired to each other and to
power and ground, but nowhere else.

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