Unhappy Amiga 3000 (was Re: New Finds for teh Museum)

From: Gary Dean Hildebrand <ghldbrd_at_ccp.com>
Date: Tue Apr 15 15:48:01 2003

Ethan Dicks writes:

>> An AMIGA A3000 needs some tender loving care, will not power up right
>> now.
> No lights? No nothing? The A3000 PSU is not exactly the most
> robust thing in the world. It's also small enough that a non-C=
> replacement will be troublesome. I don't recall if that is one
> of the models or not, but some C= PSUs provide 60Hz "tick" to
> the CIAs (some, like the A500, do not).
> -ethan

I'd just try to find a smaller SMPS that will put out 5v and +/-12v that
will fit in the box of the original. ISTR that it is only good for 150
watts anyway. Hanging on a larger external PS would be rather tacky. I'd
look through Jameco or MPJones catalogs to find such a critter. Anything
that is original Amiga is far too much money for what you get.

Check the PS voltages first before comming yourself to major surgery. You
might just have a shorted bypass cap or something else easy to fix.

The 60Hz 'tick' was on the old CBM 8 bit machines. They had a seperate
10vAC input that was tapped for that, as well as provide 12 volts for the
analog circuitry. The A500 PS only provided DC voltages.

Drop me a line off-list if you need any help there.

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO
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