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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 15:51:00 2003

> The systems are two identical DEC PDP-11/70's that seem to date from the
> early 1980's. There are two CDC 9766 drives and a nice DEC LP26 printer,
> plus 6-8 terminals. The systems have not been powered on since 1996.
> They also seem to bear the name of an aftermarket supplier - Systems
> Industries?- and some sort of system name, which I cannot remember, but
> suggests typesetting.

SI made lots of disk products for DECs. At one point I had a somewhat
trashed Diablo drive for a PDP-8/E (RKmumble), with an SI interface board
and power supply. I still have the power unit, if anyone os interested,
but the rest is long gone.
SI also made a neato disk cache for the VAX-11/780. Neato, as it had an
LED bar graph for the hit rate! No stinkin' ten LED doodad this - this
graph had *many* LEDs, because you never know when you will need to know
just how precise your cache is...

> Our second visit in East Providence, RI let us view the ca1930-35 Art Deco
> transmitting facility of WEAN. Although not 100% original, the bulk of
> the original features are there, including the original black and chrome
> decor. The original transmitter has been replaced twice, but an 80's
> era Harris MW-5A is the main unit, with a 40's era RCA as a fully
> functioning backup.

Do you remember what kind? Shame on you for noting the modern Harris but
not the classic RCA...

Generally broadcast transmitters and computers don't mix.

William Donzelli
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