HH Drives ( Wyse Setup & Test Diskette)

From: Truthan,Larry <truthanl_at_oclc.org>
Date: Wed Apr 16 07:58:00 2003

 Do you have a Wyse Setup and test diskette?

My employer resold Wyse systems for several years. I 'May" be able
to get a version of setup and test. Wyse setup & Test diskettes walk you
through configuration. You can enter a drive by "type" from tables, or
free form, Cylinder, Head, Sector , entries. Usually when the battery
is weak these sytems would forget drive configurations, or even
loose track of the Floppy drives.

Do you have any identifying marks FCCID # etc on the motherboard,
Wyse model, date codes. The wyse bios Part number, (version 3.53 was
one of the latter ones). They ran a Wyse Version of MS DOS which,
allowed larger cluster sizes, Wyse systems could typically run
drives larger the the 528MB. If you can characterize your system
a little better I might be able to help

Larry Truthan, truthanl_at_oclc.org. Dublin Ohio, USA
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