not old, but cute Atari TV

From: Martin Scott Goldberg <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 08:02:00 2003

Mike Ford <>
> a chain of new/used video game cartridge stores has a cute
>item, looks pretty much exactly like a Atari joystick, but internally its a
>complete console that when hooked to a tv plays about 10 of the classic
>Atari arcade games. Look for Atari TV and its about $20.

The item has actually been out quite some time now (last November I
believe), and you can get it through Avon and on QVC as well. It is not
however, a complete console. They basicly took 10 game roms and ported
the 6507 assembly code to work on a custom IC setup of their own. There
is no emulator playing actual Atari roms, there are no TIA, 6507 or PIA
chips inside. In the process of porting over the games, they managed to
screw up a number of things including managing to leave out the original
famous easter egg in Adventure. For a full review and listing of the many
inherent faults, go ahead and visit:

For some odd reason as well, somebody decided to include paddle games as
well in the 10 games offered on a joystick setup.
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