Classic Spring Cleaning photos

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 17:56:00 2003

Yes and no. This machine is also an Eagle but was made a teensy bit
later on. The original Eagle was a rackmount machine. All the boards
will interchange though. Mine came without the 9track drive and with
2mb ram. I ripped the 9track out of an mv9800? And the ram card as

I got this machine BECAUSE of Tracy Kidder's book.



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> Well, it is that time again I suppose. While going through stuff, I'm
> taking pictures:
> So far I have the Sparc, the AtariSt, and the Data General MV4000/dc

is this the "soul of a new machine" machine?

> featured. I think the MV4000 has the prettiest memory board of all
> short of those nifty ruby-rod cores I once saw....
> BTW, this website is running on an Atari Mega ST4 running MiNT.
> Regards and best wishes all,
> Jeff
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