DEC disk packs.

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 23:34:00 2003

> If you'll ship to the states, I could *seriously* use all the RL01 packs I
> can get my hands on. My PDP-11/34 FINALLY booted RSX-11M the other day, and
> I have a whole bunch of RL01s that I really need to back up, plus I need
> some for file storage of my own.
> --
> Owen Robertson

To properly backup a RL01 or RL02 you need the following items:

Q-Bus based MicroVAX (I use a MicroVAX 3 in a third party chassis)
A fair amount of diskspace on the MicroVAX (I use a pair of shadowed RA73's).
An Ethernet controller for the MicroVAX
an RLV12 for the MicroVAX

With a setup like this you can simply attach a RL01 or RL02 drive to the
MicroVAX and backup the diskpacks to disk files. You can then restore the
disk files to diskpacks at a later date. You can also use the diskfiles
that you create under SIMH.

BTW, the ethernet controller is so that you can get the images transferred
to a system with a CD-R/W drive, and burn your images to CD-R's!

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