DEC disk packs.

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 14:27:00 2003

If you'll ship to the states, I could *seriously* use all the RL01 packs I
can get my hands on. My PDP-11/34 FINALLY booted RSX-11M the other day, and
I have a whole bunch of RL01s that I really need to back up, plus I need
some for file storage of my own.

Owen Robertson
on 4/16/03 8:05 AM, Tim Myers at wrote:
> I have 29 RLO1/RLO2 cartridges, 11 RL07 cartridges, and 3 RM03
> cartdridges. If anyone wants to collect them from The Wirral, UK,
> contact me off list.
> The need to be collected by the end of this week, they'll be skipped
> otherwise.
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