PlusTek Spectra 1200 and 6000 scanners

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Apr 18 13:24:00 2003

Anyone know if the interface card for the PlusTek Spectra 1200 and 6000
sheet feed scanners is a SCSI card?

I have both of these scanners. On the back is a DB25 Male port. No power
input, so it pulls power from the connector. The manuals I have just
indicate that it uses an "Interface Card" that comes with the scanner.
Naturally I don't have the card or the cable.

I'm curious if it is a SCSI card as many older scanners used. I'm looking
to possibly bring one back to life to try using for archiving of old
manuals (the HP All-In-One I had set aside for the purpose I just found
out is a Print/Copy/Fax, no scanner).

If it uses a special custom card, either A: does anyone have one that
they want to give me (and the cable if it is something special as well),
or B: does anyone want the scanners? I don't know if either works as they
were given to me as is years ago and have never been used. I do have the
manuals for them, as well as one driver disk (but the drivers appear to
still be downloadable from PlusTek's web site).

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