DEC RRD40 CD caddies (was Re: DEC newbie)

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Fri Apr 18 13:54:00 2003

> Just how uncommon are the RRD40 caddies? I managed to obtain
> some caddies for my RRD40, so I think I've been rather lucky.
> I remember reading not too long ago that the things seemed to
> be made of unobtanium.

I recall back in the 1990-91 timeframe when VMS was first being
distributed on CD as well as tape, we got these plastic cases
that held the CDs, and each CD was in an RRD40 pincer caddy.
Which was fine for my lab because we actually had an RRD40
on hand... I'm not sure if the CONDIST started early enough
to be delivered the same way.

I used to have one of these VMS 5.x CD kits around here, but
it seems determined to remain hidden so I can't confirm.

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