Stop it! Re: Where can one find 2.5 inch floppy disks, and

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Apr 18 17:23:00 2003

> I remember back in my early BBC days, when the floppy drives were often
> single-sided, being able to buy "flippable discs" - they had extra holes in
> them so you could insert the disc into the drive either way up, and use
> both sides!

I've seen a 5.25" signle-head drive that had the option of 2 index
sensors and 2 write-protect switches so that any normal disk could be
flipped over.

3" single-head drives normally allowed you to insert the disk both ways
up too, so as to use both sides. Double head drives had an extra bracket
so that the disk would only fit the right way up. Which meant that
double-head drives could not normally read disks written on single-head
drives (since the 'flup side' was recorded backwards...)

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