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From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Apr 18 17:25:04 2003

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> > > but I still don't know how to sit down and accurately
> > > determine the physical characteristics of these gears
> >
> >
> > Look up gears/gearing in Machinery's Handbook for a definition
> > of all the defining parameters for gears.
> That's a nice tip, but could you go one step further and give
> the complete title of a book I could go to the Library Reference

That is the title... It's a thick reference book (over 1000 pages IIRC)
that includes just about every useful table for mechanical engineering --
thread cutting, gears, etc. I found an old copy (1943 IIRC) for \pounds
1.00 in a second-hand bookshop. The problem with a copy that old is that
it doesn't include things like standard metric screw threads. On the
other hand the information that is there is still valid, at least for the
sort od engineering I do.

It's like old copies of the 'rubber bible' (the CRC Handbook of
Chemistry and Physics). The last few figures of some of the constants may
well have chnaged by now. But I can't work to that accuracy at home :-)

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