Compaq EISA Netflex-2 ENET/TR adapter?

From: Robert F. Schaefer <>
Date: Sat Apr 19 20:53:00 2003

Well, in the Big Box of Token-Ring Stuff I received a few days ago, there
was one EISA TR adapter, a Compaq Netflex-2 ENET/TR. ENET as in Ethernet,
TR as in token-ring. That's right, this baby apparently can speak ethernet
*and* token-ring! I've been going over Comp^H^H^HHPs site for the last
half-hour, and the only thing I've found out about it is that a part number
is COMX142151, the TR side is an option that I presubably have installed (as
the card has a jumper block on the TR side and not the ENET side), and it
was avaliable on just about everything from the pro-whatever-500 through
the -4500. Does anyone know where I can find the .cfg file for this? Can
it speak ethernet and token-ring at the same time? Is there a manual for it


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