Compaq EISA Netflex-2 ENET/TR adapter?

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 01:06:07 2003

Rob, I own one of these things. It CANNOT speak both. Ethernet was achieved
through setting a jumper/switch (different on model) and making sure the
circuit block for Token Ring was not installed. Token Ring gets enabled
(and Ethernet disabled) via putting in the circuit block and setting the
switch/jumper. Compaq does have drivers for these under ProLiant 2000
Server on their site and such if you look for drivers by system model. I
believe it was Compaq supported for Novell 3.x and OS/2 and I think DOS. I
do know various flavors of Linux support it too. It was Compaq's way of
creating flexibility and being cheap at the same time (which is something
you never do with a server).
-John Boffemmyer IV

At 09:53 PM 4/19/2003, you wrote:
>Well, in the Big Box of Token-Ring Stuff I received a few days ago, there
>was one EISA TR adapter, a Compaq Netflex-2 ENET/TR. ENET as in Ethernet,
>TR as in token-ring. That's right, this baby apparently can speak ethernet
>*and* token-ring! I've been going over Comp^H^H^HHPs site for the last
>half-hour, and the only thing I've found out about it is that a part number
>is COMX142151, the TR side is an option that I presubably have installed (as
>the card has a jumper block on the TR side and not the ENET side), and it
>was avaliable on just about everything from the pro-whatever-500 through
>the -4500. Does anyone know where I can find the .cfg file for this? Can
>it speak ethernet and token-ring at the same time? Is there a manual for it

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