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Date: Mon Apr 21 18:43:00 2003

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>>I've had one these since I was a kid, but I've never seen the rifle
>>or the boxed games before.
>I've never seen boxed games, but then A: I was pretty young when I used
>to play with mine, (and I believe it predates me in existance), and B: I
>have a feeling mine was never obtained via the market, but rather as a
>test item directly from Magnavox, so it may never have been complete with
>market packaging (I know I have a white labeled box that the system and
>controllers and stuff goes in, I'm assuming that was standard packaging).

Magnavox didn't test market in that way, since there was no market to test
in. The Odyssey, being the first video game console, was sold alongside
every other Magnavox product just like any other television accessory
(which is what it was considered by many at the time, and why many people
wound up mistakingly thinking it would only work on Magnavox television

My guess is your parent's could have gotten a used model, or you just
don't remember everything that actually came with it because you were so
young and it was so long ago.

You probbly didn't see the boxed games because they were sold seperately
(see below).
>As for the rifle. I don't remember everything it was used for, but I know
>I LOVED the haunted house game that used it. There was a haunted house
>overlay, and basically "ghosts" appeared at various windows and doors and
>you had to shoot them. (IIRC, the ghosts were nothing more than white
>blocks, but hey, for early 70's that kicked ass!)

The rifle and added cartridges were sold seperately, and usually not
pushed. Remember the Odyssey was sold as an accessory to Magnavox
televisions, so these were basicly accessories to an accessory in store
owners views. Consequently they were usually stored behind the counter or
in some unplain view location.

If you want to learn more about the Odyssey, read the Odyssey FAQ here:

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