Kaypro Software-Micro Cornucopia Disks

From: J Forbes <jforbes2_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Wed Apr 23 13:11:30 2003

When I got several Kaypro II etc. machines several years ago at the
thrift store, I also found a bunch of related floppy disks. Several of
them are apparently copies of disks from Micro Cornucopia at Bend,
Oregon (a mid 80s magazine?). They appear to have lots of useful
software, I think public domain...assemblers, utilities, etc.

I finally got round to getting 22disk running on an XT, and I've been
reading these old floppies, and copying the contents to the hard drive
on my main computer. No read errors yet, and I've done a dozen!

Is there any interest in this stuff, such as on a CP/M archive server
somewhere? I should be able to zip it up and email or ftp it somewhere.
  I don't have room on my home page (url below).

Here's a sample of what's in them, from part of the .doc file for one of
the disks:


           KAYPRO USER'S DISK #10-------Assembly Language Disk

                        Micro Cornucopia
                        PO BOX 223
                        Bend OR 97709


This program is for all of you that wanted a Z80 assembler without spending
hundreds of dollars for it. We modified the CROWE assembler so that it
would work under any CP/M system. CROWECPM accepts standard Zilog mnemonics
and creates a .HEX and .PRN files. The .HEX file is in Intel format and can
be used to create a .COM file with the CP/M LOAD.COM. A symbol table is
listed at the end of the .PRN file. It is a good assembler and the source
code is included if any one would like to make it even better.

See CROWECPM.DOC for information on using the CROWECPM assembler.


This is another assembler. It is a rewrite of the standard CP/M ASM
assembler. The difference is that this version can link assembly language
programs together at assembly time. This version also runs faster the
ASM.COM. This could be a the begininning of a linker for our Small C+.

See LASM.DOC for details.

Neat stuff, obviously.
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