Kaypro Software-Micro Cornucopia Disks

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Wed Apr 23 14:41:00 2003

J Forbes wrote:

> When I got several Kaypro II etc. machines several years ago at the
> thrift store, I also found a bunch of related floppy disks. Several
> of them are apparently copies of disks from Micro Cornucopia at Bend,
> Oregon (a mid 80s magazine?). They appear to have lots of useful
> software, I think public domain...assemblers, utilities, etc.

Micro Cornucopia was a Kaypro oriented magazine, which also had some
MS-DOS stuff in later years. They offered several items for sale for
Kaypro's, such as a 4Mhz modification, and schematics of the system.

> I finally got round to getting 22disk running on an XT, and I've been
> reading these old floppies, and copying the contents to the hard drive
> on my main computer. No read errors yet, and I've done a dozen!
> amazing....
> Is there any interest in this stuff, such as on a CP/M archive server
> somewhere? I should be able to zip it up and email or ftp it
> somewhere. I don't have room on my home page (url below).

I thought I had some of these Kaypro Disks, but can only see a Pro-8
utility disk
at the moment. I wouldn't mind getting copies of the Kaypro disks, but
don't have
any place to host them.

These disks usually were programs without source code.

Micro Cornucopia also had several MS-DOS disks available, some of
which I have. These are (rough names only)

ms-2 CheapAssem
ms-3 Adventure
ms-8 NeatGames
ms-13 EditorAndFormatter
ms-21 SmallCAndCWindows
ms-22 DynamiteUtilities
ms-23 Express
ms-24 SuperiorGames
ms-27 SystemPrimer
ms-28 FiveNewAdventures
ms-32 HackAndBeast
ms-34 ColorGames
ms-36 GeneralUtilities
ms-37 DiskUtilities
ms-40 MoreUtilities
ms-44 Hercules
ms-47 PCStyle
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