Two new Apple toys

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 15:38:00 2003

--- "Jason J. Gullickson" <> wrote:
> You know I remember using one of these when I was in school. We had an
> SE/30 server that ran a lab of mac...mac II something's and then there
> were these two IIe's in the corner with greenscreens that were somehow
> attached to the it a localtalk interface?

Yep. The "Apple Workstation Interface" is an intellegent card that
fits in late-model Apple IIs (well... it *fits* in all of them, but
it only _works_ with a IIgs or expanded IIe). It has two 8-pin DINs
on the end of ribbon cables, one marked with an Apple Localtalk icon,
one with a printer icon.

The board itself has a 65SC02, two 6264 SRAMs, a Zilog Z8530 (common
to Macs, Suns and late-model COMBOARDS ;-), some glue logic, a
honkin' big Apple ASIC, and some AM26LS30/AM26LS32 level drivers.

There's a picture at:

It's the one at the bottom of the page.

WARNING: Japanese characters are present. Your browser might or might
not like them. Under the picture, it starts off with "uuaakusuteeshiyon
kaado" ("Workstation Card" in Katakana).

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