Two new Apple toys

From: Jason J. Gullickson <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 15:14:00 2003

You know I remember using one of these when I was in school. We had an
SE/30 server that ran a lab of mac...mac II something's and then there
were these two IIe's in the corner with greenscreens that were somehow
attached to the it a localtalk interface?

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New toys:

  Apple II Mouse Interface (I have one somewhere in a box that I haven't
  seen in years, so it was faster to buy another one ;-)

  Apple II Network Workstation Card (2). I've done some Googling, and
  appears that I may not be able to use these in any Apple II I
  have (they seem to require an enhanced IIe). Ultimately, I'd like to
  lay hands on the Mac server software (3.x?) that will let me boot an
  Apple II over Localtalk and treat the Mac as a remote disk drive.

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