ISA Expansion Box

From: pmulry <>
Date: Thu Apr 24 02:19:00 2003

i've never actually seen one of these. If somone has clear pics can they
make them available for download. if not to complicated might be able to
make one using an isa riser card that came with an old 486. do they connect
to serial port or piggyback an isa slot?

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Subject: ISA Expansion Box

> Hello Jeff,
> I saw your post on the IBM machine which used an ISA Expansion Box, and I
> looking for such a box, or 2 or 3.
> Would you know where I could get my hands on some?
> The Blind (myself included) like using our synthetic speech cards along
> the software synthetic speech that comes from the sound card. Usually the
> sound cards produce a more pleasant speech output, but if the soundcard
> stops working, we are screwed, so we would like to keep using the older
> speech cards (ISA).
> I have been doing some web searches without much luck.
> Thanks for any leads.
> "Live long and prosper",
> O. Glenn Ervin (Lenny)
> Northeast Nebraska
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