eBay being sued over patent infringement

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Date: Thu Apr 24 02:30:00 2003

The suit is over the process of running the auction which another person
patented in the early 90s. It is an interesting suit. At one time in 2000 or
so eBay offered to pay licensing fees, then opted to fight it.

Actually, as a seller, I think the eBay process sucks. It is the second best
bidder that really sets the price. The advantage really is to the bidder.

Another very successful Internet auction run by LabX is a much preferred
model for me. It is where the sale is extended by a minute or two when each
bid comes in at the end of the auction. WWW.labx.com

I do much better for lab equipment here than on eBay. Auctions are much more
like real auctions. LabX is a totally different, more real auction model.
Very successful also.

I did an interesting experiment with some identical Olympus microscope tubes
(parts). They did sell for much more on eBay than LabX (av $75 vs. $20). On
the other hand an IBM HPLC did much better on LabX than eBay ($400 vs $35)
and saw a lot of action at the end.

To keep this on topic I do find classic computers on the LabX auction site
that were primarily used as lab controllers. They often go cheap.

Astoria, OR
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