Getting long; Was Re: eBay being sued over patent infringement

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Apr 24 11:41:00 2003

> --- Mike <> wrote:
>> On items were there is a fixed supply, like antiques
>> and collectibles, the
>> only side of the equation that can increase is
>> demand. Therefore, the
>> price rises to the fair and correct value. Simple!
> Wrong, the "available" supply has also increased on
> many fixed supply collectibles. People are digging
> stuff out of their closets that would of never been
> available for sale before, or available to only a very
> limited number of people.

Only by an insignificant amount. If only 10,000 of an item was ever
produced, the supply can't exceed that but the exposure could go from a
few hundred that might see it otherwise to millions.

The proof of that is that prices are rising. They are rising because
there is more increase demand than an increase in supply. Supply and
demand is on duty 24/7.
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