Two new Apple toys

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Apr 24 14:46:00 2003

> > It uses ADB mouse and keyboard so if you have that your set. Monitor is
> > probably the only problem. An old mac monitor would probably work.
> No, it probably won't work with a mac montior. The Mac uses a different
> style RGB.

There is a IIgs-specific monitor available (pity they use the same plug, it
confuses a lot of people) -- I think it's called the AppleColour RGB. It took
me a little while to track one down, but it's well worth it (especially in

> But, the IIgs does have composite video as well as RGB, so you can always
> use the composite video in absence of the right RGB monitor.

Yep, a friend of mine uses a Commodore 1702 with his.

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