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From: Mike <ipscone_at_msdsite.com>
Date: Thu Apr 24 14:57:00 2003

> At 18:23 24/04/2003, you wrote:
>>All this garbage about
>>extending auctions an extra minute, blah blah blah, is just a dumb idea.
> I dispute that - the "extension" idea is what happens in a "normal"
> auction. The auctioneer will take bids until all competing bidders back
> out, leaving the one winner. This, naturally, maximises the sale price
> (which is good for the seller & the auction house).

Absolute nonsense! In a normal auction, there is no specified "end time."
 These are two completely different formats. In a normal auction,
everyone shows up at the same time and bids. Bidding is only for a few

In an eBay auction (a completely different format) everyone has a very
long time to decide.

If you had an extended time feature (or pathetic idea) no one would bid on
a 10 day auction until day 10. There would be no need to, unless you just
couldn't be around.

What you are trying to do is have a completely new format for an auction.
Specified end time with extended provision. You don't have any such
"NORMAL" auction like this.

The only reason people place early bids on eBay is because they are
thinking like this is a "NORMAL" auction, which it is NOT. This is like a
sealed bid auction because the auction ends at a specified time and the
winners will be those that place last second bids (i.e. not seen by
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